How to Make Great Instagram Stories

Did you know that by 2021, more than 2 billion people worldwide will be using Instagram? Instagram is a social media platform where individuals, online thought leaders, and businesses can share photos and videos. Temporary stories are another popular feature that people use on their Instagram accounts.

Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience is one of the best Instagram social media tips. You will lose focus if you do not understand your audience or have an audience to direct your efforts toward. Consider the goals and intentions you have for your Instagram page. This information will assist you in locating an audience that is interested in your content and will find meaning in it.

It can be challenging to find positive interaction when you have many followers who do not support your goals. Take the time to learn about your industry and what has started working for your competitors if you manage a business account.

Determine the Best Times to Post

As an Instagram influencer, you should know when people are most active on social media. During the week, most people use social media in the evening, usually after 8 p.m. If it’s the weekend, most Instagram users begin browsing the app between 1 and 3 a.m. and then again in the evening.

Understanding peak traffic periods can help you increase the number of views and interactions on your stories. If you post during dead periods, such as work hours during the week, you might not pop up on people’s feeds. Just after work is another excellent time to post stories; however, most people don’t log on until later.

Maintain a Consistent Format

Most Instagram users try to maintain a consistent format for their followers. People find comfort in knowing what to expect from social media posts and stories, so consistency is essential. If you use a particular filter for your accounts, make sure you use it for most of them.

Creating a pattern is a great way to incorporate different types of posts. Prints can be made using filters, story lengths, and text formatting. When working on a business account, use your company’s colors and logos to increase brand awareness.

Examine the Lines

The lines are a simple Instagram story trick you can use without much effort. Lines will appear on your camera screen while recording an Instagram story. These lines help to indicate areas that will be out of sight for your audience. When you move the screen too far up or down, you will be prompted to change your settings.

Another possible explanation for using these lines is to keep your content balanced. It can be challenging to tell if the camera is straight at times. The bars retain the camera off the ground and are in the best position for taking videos.

You can learn how to post Instagram stories from your Mac here.

Include Links in Your Content

Did you know that you can redirect people to a link when you post a story to your page? This handy tool for increasing website traffic or selling a product or service. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add these links so people can access them by swiping up your story.

You can add the website address you want to direct viewers to in your story settings. You can also use the branded content settings if you have a paid partnership with another company.

When you go to post your story, a “link” icon will appear at the top of the page. This will allow you to access the settings so that viewers can easily navigate a webpage.

Make Viewable for a Specific Audience

Most of the time, you’ll want as many people as possible to see your stories, but promotions and other possibilities may arise.

You can choose who can view your story if you only want a specific group to see an announcement or a discount code. This is an excellent feature for businesses with loyalty programs or people who pay for social media influencer support.

When you log in to your Instagram account, you’ll notice three lines in the upper right corner of the screen. Select those lines, then click on the Close Friends you want to add. Fortunately, there are no current restrictions on how many people you can choose. Your list will appear, allowing you to read the data and remove people who are not supposed to see the post. Following that, you will post your story as usual.

Consider Thinking outside the Box

Thinking outside the box is an Instagram hack that will lead to more success and freedom.

Try to get out of your comfort bubble and create unique content. If you want, you can get ideas with your team.

Try These Social Media Tips Right Now!

Learning social networking tips for posting Instagram stories can aid your brand and business success.

With so many logging onto its platform each month, it’s no surprise that it’s a powerful marketing tool. As long as you understand your audience and remain consistent, viewers and interactions should begin to increase. Don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary to stand out from the crowd. Check out our blog for more information on posting to Instagram and other social media platforms!

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