All You Need to Know About SevenTorrents? Why It Is No More Available and Its Alternatives

During the COVID-19 pandemic, where the entire world is facing lock downs, social distancing and sadness, you can always cheer yourself up with a hot cup of cocoa and a good movie. Since movie theatres are not operating, people are likely to find movies online and watch them at home with their loved ones. This is actually good, isn’t it? Spending some precious time with your wife and kids – sounds great, eh?

Well, finding your favorite movie that has just been released, can be a bit challenging. However, if you are familiar with the idea of torrents, then you’re in luck. Good torrent websites are a pleasure to have. With the help of torrent sites, you can simply download the movie of your choice, without going through live streaming, a load of ads and pop-ups. 

SevenTorrents has been one of the most reliable torrent sites that offered a valuable experience to its users. The sad news is, SevenTorrents isn’t available any more, but on the brighter side, we have some good news as well. Here in this article, we will be discussing about SevenTorrents, the reason why it isn’t accessible anymore and the alternatives of SevenTorrents that you can cherish.

What is SevenTorrents?

SevenTorrents is a torrent website that offered its users a vast collection of movies and TV series. The content on SevenTorrents was up to date, and was available in HD quality as well. The user interface of the site was user-friendly, safe and clean, that made it quite convenient to use for a new user as well. 

The site features a neat menu bar on the left side of the homepage, that further displayed the detailed list of all the trending movies and shows. The search bar at the top would filter movies on the basis of titles, genres, actors and so on. 

SevenTorrents was one of the best torrent sites on the internet, as it catered more than forty million unique users over the last ten years. The site had a massive database that held both latest and classic torrents of movies, TV shows, anime and much more. 

Why is SevenTorrents Not Accessible Anymore?

SevenTorrents was a torrent site, and surely one of the best ones available, but since it faced copyright violations, limitations and domain bans, it has called its retirement. 

SevenTorrents used to serve its users an ad-free experience, and that is also one of the reason for its demolishment. 

Alternatives of SevenTorrents 

Though SevenTorrents is not accessible anymore, there are several other alternatives that you can use to download torrents. Below is a list of some best alternatives of SevenTorrents that will enable you to download new and old movies, TV shows, music, anime and much more.


RARBG is one of the best torrent sites that you can find over the internet. It has been one of the most popular torrent site since 2008, and even today, it stands tall. The site holds a massive database of movies, TV shows, music, anime, games, software programs and much more, be it latest or classic. RARBG displays snapshots of the quality of the torrent that helps you in making a wise decision. It is known for its high resolution content. If you are looking out for the best alternative of SevenTorrents, then RARBG is it. Also, the interface is quite simple and handy. 

Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is a global platform where you can search for all your favorite content and download it in high resolution. It holds a vast database of movies, TV shows and much more, both new and old classics. Kickass Torrents also offers magnet links that you can further share with other users as well. With well divided sections, you can easily view the speed of downloads, seeds and much more. The database is always up to date. The platform is secure to use, and doesn’t even irritates the user with a load of ads and pop-ups. 

YIFI Torrents

YIFI Torrents has been one of the good competitors of SevenTorrents. The massive database holds a whole lot of movies, shows, music and apps that can be easily downloaded at high resolution. YIFI Torrents is ranked as the 5th largest and popular torrent sites available. The website has a simple and user friendly interface, with a search bar right at the front on the homepage, along with dropdowns listing movies, shows and much more. You can search your favorite content by filtering as per the genre, year, rating or actors. 

Pirate Bay

Private Bay is also known as The King of Torrents and is one of the best alternative of SevenTorrents. Private Bay features a neat and simple interface that doesn’t seems hard to a user visiting the site for the very first time. Additionally, Pirate Bay has a very large database consisting of the classics and the latest movies, shows, music, apps and much more. The magnet links and peer to peer file sharing allows you to share the content with your friends and family. The site is reliable and the content is available in high resolution. 

Lime Torrent

LimeTorrent is also one of the best alternative of SevenTorrents, as it holds quite a vast database of movies, games, TV shows, anime, software programs and much more. The extensive library and a simple to use interface has been quite a strong combination. The content available on LimeTorrent is secure to download, and it is also available in HD quality. LimeTorrent is surely one the best torrent sites that you can find on the internet. 


SkyTorrents falls in the list of the best ten torrent sites. Though it has a limited database, it is secure and reliable. The privacy concern weighs the most when we talk about torrents, and gladly, SkyTorrents ensures safe download of the content available with less pop-ups and ads. Additionally, the simple and easy to use interface helps the users to find their favorite content without any hassle. The database holds a good collection of movies, TV shows and games. 


SeedPeer is one of the best torrent websites for beginners. The site offers a vast collection of movies, TV shows, anime, games, software programs and much more, with an extraordinarily simple designed user interface. SeedPeer offers navigation to newbies and gives you a cheerful experience for the first time. The extensive database with interface functionality is simply remarkable. The interface is divided into categories with further sub-categories that makes content easier to find. If you are new to torrent sites, we would definitely recommend you SeedPeer above all. Also, the content is available in HD quality. 


ISOHunt is surely one of the best alternatives of SevenTorrents. The website is the oldest torrent site on the internet, and holds the largest and oldest database for all types of content. It offers unlimited free torrents of movies, TV shows, games, software programs and much more. ISOHunt is existing since forever, even when downloading torrents was not even a trend. The website offers safe and reliable content, without any pop-ups or ads, and secures your ID by surpassing all copyright laws or restrictions. You wouldn’t feel the absence of SevenTorrents, all thanks to ISOHunt.


1377x is another best alternative of SevenTorrents. It has been serving the users since 2007, as a community based platform. All the individuals are allowed to upload the very best of torrent files on the platform that can be downloaded by anyone for free. The site receives huge traffic and presence from the UK. The site has a vast database that comprises of all types of content, including movies, TV shows, games, software and much more. The best thing about 1377x is, it is free and secure to use. 


TorLock falls in the list of best 10 alternatives of SevenTorrents, due to its credibility to verified content The site offers clear and safe torrents that will never end up bringing maleware or adware to your system. The site doesn’t only offer safe and verified content, but it is also willing to pay you a dollar if you spot out fake torrent on the site. The large database of the site makes it even better. The speedy download, high quality content and reliability are the features of TorLock that must be admired. 


SevenTorrents was undoubtedly the best of torrent sites, but unfortunately, it is not available anymore. As the world quotes, LIFE GOES ON, therefore, we have extracted the best 10 alternatives of SevenTorrents, that will not make you feel a gap in there. All the above-mentioned sites are reliable, and the best alternatives of SevenTorrents. You can download your favorite content torrents for any of the above listed sites, and cherish time with your loved ones. There is a lot more to explore and find with the above-mentioned alternatives of SevenTorrents. Expand your vision.

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